i am a first year fashion student at Birmingham City University, England. i am originally from Bangkok, Thailand. and i am using this blog to express myself, putting the works in, putting what i enjoy doing and putting what i love and care for..



Shirt and Trousers Project : Trend stimulation and theme

this is my recent work from the current project that I have been busy working on, the project is about designing shirts and trousers. We had to do a research on shirting brands in London to study about the variety of collars, cuffs, cuts, fabrication, hem and all those detail in shirt...it sounded easy but, there are much details to do, i ended up having a pile of A4s for my shirt report


starting to design my own shirts and trousers : minimum of 25 each (each need to be in design sheet which consist fabric swatches, flat drawings and special details like button details, collar details etc.)

then, pairing them up to give 10 outfits+ fabric swatches and flats


1 outfit to be chosen and pattern making process will take place then, I will get to produce my shirt and trouser that I designed.

this is a rush project as there are many things to do and each process needs o be done in tim in order to catch up with the next task..

I have 9 weeks to finish the whole thing, 3 weeks for researching & designing
2 weeks for pattern making
4 weeks for making the outfit

..and I will keep uploading photo as i progress each step
so, this is the first part for you :)

Mods logo inspiration of simplicity and how it is easy to recognized and noticeable.

complexity and layering of polaroid films inspired layers as element of design

photographs of my London trip around Tate Modern, on London Bridge and St.Paul's church give sense of calm and relaxation which I could use to involve with complexity to soften the design

Skulls and dolls figures could be adapted as embroidery logo as I love the unreal feeling when I see them

current in windows:bright, vibrant, exaggerated

London tube map lines and colours transfer into a textile of my own, easy and complex in the same piece

another textile idea, got it off from Firework MV of Katy Perry

colours samples out off photographs of trip in London, mostly from vintage shop

initial 25 designs of shirts-ready to be colouring in

be await for the 25 shirt designs and 25 of 25 trousers designs



Submarine trailer

as im having so much to do for my current uni project 'Shirt and Trouser'

this is a movie that iam now would go watch if i get any free time..

hopefully, you will see my work soon once I finish a pile of design sheets :D




Kanye West - Runaway (Extended Video Version) ft. Pusha T

the anatomy of the ballerinas is just perfectly strong and tense
it gets soften by the tutus which convey the femininity of lasses

the colour element is just faultless

i adore it



My baby G12 being decorated

I have been Stylebubble's follower for awhile 
Susie is amazing, and her blog is brilliant

i got this camera strap idea off her a few days only after i received my baby G12 from my dad in Thailand. What a good timing eh :))

i used my left over chain, its in small size compared to what           
            Susie's got   
           my left over tartan ribbon and enhanced it with red and         
            green tartan fabric
           my velvet beads
i ordered cord stoppers from Ebay

i sewn fabric just to cover part of the woven chain and i attached beads to parts on the chain. i finished the strap with Canon's own strap adjusting bits and double secure with black plastic stoppers

:)))))) so love it !!!!!!
cheers Susie 

the link below is Susie's post about the camera strap that i got the idea from :)) hope everyone will love her just like i do :))




The Discovery of Louis Vuitton?

when i went to British museum, i found something looking interesting and very distinctive in the Egypt exhibition zone.

i named this post as a question about the discovery of Louis Vuitton because of what iam about to tell you...

this is the monogram idylle pattern of Louis Vuitton, which everyone is already familiar with
monogram idylle swatch

a scarf design using monogram idylle pattern

this is what i think it looks like Vuitton's monogram idylle pattern but, this appears to be an ornamentation beneath King's feet.

description under the tile 'These tiles formed part of the ornamentation on the dais of a throne in the royal palace of the Ramesside kings. Foreign captives represented symbolically vanquished beneath the king's feet.'

comparison photos of close up of sculpture in British museum and Ashley Tisdale wearing Louis Vuitton monogram idylle scarf.

what do you think??



Visual Studies project

This is the recent project I have been talking about for while and this is the right time to upload the set because im happy :) just got back from London yesterday (check out the trip photos in my tumblr tho)

for this project we had to experiment and explore our own style of illustration, as a fashion designer, illustration is important and a unique illustrating style is significant. 
Another module with Stephen Stone, he got us to work through sketchbook (any size, any style) presenting development of drawings...we had to submit the 5 final pieces of work with flat drawings in JPEG file :) 

we firstly had to research on monosyllabic form,contortion,volumize
these help to get ourselves started and produce a different pieces of drawings.

i worked through my A3 sketch pad (so i can bind them in order together later on) mainly using Winsor&Newton ink and fine brushes. i concentrated on volumize so, i thoght ink would help me present the volumization well, and i liked it.

these are only some of my selected pages of my sketchbook

woven expression
colour splash on different texture (cartridge(left) paper and calico(right))
development of a figure into a flared skirt

exploring hair detail
a dyed dress 

a hair dress developed from last 2 drawings

try on contortion and colours
volumization of hair

development on face expression and details

like her face

cover up face

analysis portions

analysis portions

details on fabric : textile

a birthday girl : cover up face

detail on sequins 

last 5 finals + 1 extra

i didnt submit this first one as my final
i named it 'a Dinderella dress' as my Mickey thinks of Cinderella when i showed him :)

the rest drawings are my final that i have submitted online last week, fingers crossed to get high mark :D
i love colours!!! as you might notice by now that my work involves lotssss of colours.




the Wallpaper* March2011

the Wallpapaer*  << check out the video

behind the fashion shoots for Wallpaper* limited edition cover by Vanessa Beecroft

An Italian artist rallied her troops and send them into action in a vivid display of poise, passion and naked glory. Follow the link to see behind the shoots and read more about it.

really love the colours and those fascinated heels plus the beautiful of naked glory!! very inspiring and cheerful piece of work...